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Does the Ocean have Memories?

In November 2016 I attended an interdisciplinary conference organized by NAKFI, called Discovering the Deep Blue Sea: Research, Innovation, Social Engagement, where participants explored the “frontiers of deep ocean science”. In studying for the conference I was struck by how little we know about how much of life on earth is in the ocean and how little we know about it - how much of a negative space it is. During our working group session on Biodiversity and the Microbiome, we discussed how the ocean responds to and reflects change and how environmental events might be encoded in oceanic organisms, systems, and structures. (read more)

NAKFI Discovering the Deep Blue Sea - OET Artist at Sea

Grants Award : NAKFI awards 2 grant to research ocean memory

911 Museum: Looking South

Nature: Broken Bad

New York Times: Learning to See Data

Staging Ground Magazine: Daniel Kohn in Conversation.

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